Gigsoft Pro, a reputed web designing company in Chandigarh, not only help business to make their digital presence better but also help students to get insight of industry.
Yes, we offer training or internship opportunity to students who just pass out their college and looking to kickstart their career. Our goal is to provide a stepping stone for young talents, offering them hands-on experience and exposure to the dynamic field of web design and development.
In a competitive market where individuals strive for recognition, being left behind is not an option. At GigSoft Pro, we understand the significance of staying ahead and not merely being a part of the crowd.

 Our training and internship programs aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge essential for a successful start to their careers in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Join GigSoft Pro, where we not only shape the future of businesses but also nurture the next generation of digital pioneers.

Internship Opporrunities


Securing a job in Web Development can be challenging without prior industry experience in designing and developing websites. Most leading web Development companies seek talented students and graduates proficient in JavaScript, WordPress, HTML, PHP, CSS, and cutting-edge technologies like REACT and Angular.
If you’ve recently graduated, enrolling in our internship program is a strategic move. It will elevate you above your peers in the competitive job market.
Our 12-week Web Development Internship Program is designed to provide you with hands-on industry experience, ensuring you gain the skills needed to excel in Web Development. This immersive program accelerates your path to securing employment in web development four times!


Understanding the nuances of SEO is pivotal in today’s digital landscape. At GigSoft Pro, you will have the chance to learn from the best to achieve a new height in your career
We like to hone the skills of passionate students who have knowledge but require guidance to walk in the right direction.
Our seo experts help interns learn to research, implement, and monitor reports on client organic search campaigns.

Following what are experts will help you learn.

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Join GigSoft Pro, a fast-growing Web Design company leading the way with exciting application projects! This Internship opportunities are perfect for aspiring students and graduates seeking industry experience. Our training process empowers you with practical skills and industry insights, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of web development, design, SEO, and digital marketing so that you can have a bright career in your respective field.
Be matched with a top company and work with Senior who will guide you with the best practices