How to import blog posts from Wix to WordPress?

To be honest, Wix is a beautiful website builder that appears to be perfectly geared to the needs of beginners. It looks excellent, comes with some great predefined designs to help you get started with your first site, and it’s actually quite simple to use and manage.We’re sure you’ve seen Wix advertising and banners on the internet, which are easily identifiable by a cute logo that resembles a little yellow and white star (it’s actually a combination of the letters, but who cares; for us, it’s a star).Will you have to re-create your blogs or, worse still, start from scratch?
We advise you not to be concerned;

we’re here to assist you! Importing your blog articles using RSS is one of the finest ways to move your material from Wix to WordPress.This is an excellent approach to transfer your site without losing your content, and it’s probably easier than you think.In this post, we’ll walk you through how to migrate your site from Wix to WordPress while keeping all of your content intact. Let’s get started!

What to think about while switching from Wix to WordPress?

While your blog may have been the focal point of your website’s ‘appeal,’ there are other factors to consider before relocating. After all, content is just one part of your whole website strategy. Unlike Wix, where hosting, domains, and all the other technical details you probably don’t care about are handled by someone else, WordPress is a different story. To begin, you’ll need to choose a hosting firm that will take care of the technical aspects of your WordPress website from now on.After you’ve chosen a package and a domain for your blog, you’ll need to install WordPress.

If you choose Bluehost as your hosting service, you may relax and skip this step because the hosting service will install WordPress for you automatically. In this scenario, all you need to do is get your username and password ready so you can go to the dashboard and log in to your new workspace.While it may be difficult to replicate the exact layout of your old site, you should be able to find a solution that you enjoy (albeit with a compromise on the process.) In the next section, you’ll discover a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the process from beginning to end.

What is the best way to move from Wix to WordPress?

You’ll need to make sure you have a fresh WordPress setup ready to receive your Wix content before you can export Wix to WordPress. If you don’t already have one, take a little detour to choose a WordPress host and then install WordPress using these instructions.If you have a custom domain name, you’ll want to point it to your new WordPress site as well. You can use these instructions if you got your domain name for free from Wix. If not, get in touch with your domain registrar for help. It’s time to get started by going to your Wix dashboard whenever you’re ready.

1. Wix content should be exported.

Migrating from Wix to WordPress might be difficult, owing to Wix’s closed system (as opposed to WordPress’ open-source framework). As a result, there isn’t a simple way to move content from one to the other. You can, however, move your Wix RSS feed to save having to manually duplicate each article.
Before you can access to the precise URL, Wix asks you to add an RSS button to your site. To do so, go to your Wix Editor and select Add > Blog > RSS Button from the drop-down menu.Add the button to your page as soon as possible.Next, add /feed.xml or /blog-feed.xml to the end of your website’s URL to find your RSS feed file, for example.This will open a page with a lot of code. Save the file to your computer by right-clicking anywhere on the page and selecting Save As.Keep this file handy since you’ll need it to import your Wix content into WordPress in the next stage.

2. Upload your files to WordPress.

Log into WordPress with your Wix RSS file in hand, then go to Tools > Import.
There are other platforms available, but we’re particularly interested in the RSS tool. Under this header, click Install Now, then the Run Importer link when it appears.Next, select the RSS feed file that you saved to your computer by clicking the Choose File option. Then select Upload file and import from the  drop-down menu.You may need to wait a few minutes depending on the size of your file. Your content will now be available to see on your new WordPress website after the upload is complete.
Go to the Posts > All Posts screen in the WordPress backend to do so. Although the content of your posts is correct and complete, the associated photos will continue to be stored by Wix. We’ll take care of this in the following stage.

3. Upload your Wix photos to your WordPress site.

The next step is to relocate your photographs. Thankfully, there’s a plugin called Auto Upload Images that can help with this.
You’ll want to open each post and save it when you’ve properly installed and enabled the plugin. All of the photographs for your posts will be imported into your Media Library using some under-the-hood jiggery-pokery.Of course, if you have a large number of assets to import, this could take some time. To speed up the process, go to Posts > All Posts, then select Screen Options from the drop-down menu at the top.
Under the Pagination section, you can alter the amount of items each page.

This number can go up to 999, but that should be plenty to help you improve your efficiency.
When you click Apply, WordPress will reload the page and display all 999 posts at once. After that, tick the All Items checked to pick all of your posts on this page, then select Edit from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu.This will display a screen with a list of all of the posts you’ve chosen. Simply click the Update button for each one, and the Auto Upload Images plugin will automatically update your posts with images from your Wix website.

4. Make the switch from Wix to WordPress.

The next step is to copy and paste each page from your Wix site into your WordPress site. Unfortunately, Wixdoes not have an automated mechanism to import pages, but it may be easier than you think to do so manually.To begin, go to the page on your Wix site that you want to replicate. Right-click and select Copy to copy all of the content except the page title.Return to your WordPress dashboard and select Pages > Add New. The title can be typed in at the top of the page. Then pick Paste from the context menu by right-clicking below it.

With your content in place, you can now use the WordPress block editor to style the page to your desire. It’s also a good idea to read over each page carefully to ensure that everything has copied over successfully and that the layout and formatting are as nice as they can be. You’re ready to work on your navigation after you’ve published each page to your website.

5. Make a primary navigation menu.

Finally, you’ll want to make it as simple as possible for your visitors to navigate your website. Begin by navigating to Appearance > Menus in WordPress to create a navigation menu. The name of your menu – which is purely for your reference – must be typed in before clicking the Create Menu button.By glancing at the sidebar, selecting the posts and pages from each list, and clicking Add to Menu, you may then choose which pages to include. Click the blue Save Menu button when you’re finished.
With that, you’ve finished creating your navigation menu and successfully transferred your Wix website to WordPress — congrats! Wix is a great platform for building a website, especially if you’re just getting started. Some of your website’s limits may become evident as it grows. WordPress is a robust content management system that can grow with your website. Let us know if you have any questions.

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