SEO majorly works to improve the visibility of the pages of your website for some specific keywords or its phrases in the natural search listing of search engine. The natural results shown are also known by its other names such as “unpaid”, “earned” and “organic”. Hence, the regular appearance as well as higher ranking of your website would attract new visitors and projects to your new business. SEO can be used to target media content, locality and news. You can trust over GigSoft Pro to achieve your aim in the SEO field. The internet marketers of our team usually suggest long term strategy for moving ahead of the competitors and achieve top rank in the organic search of Google. The modern ways of online marketing used by our dedicated team members can improve the recognition of your brand.


On Page SEO

The process of optimizing the various parts of a website and it result in affecting the Search Engine ranking of the respective website. There are various factors that are included in the proper working of the On Page SEO of a website such as:

  • URL Structure
  • Headings (H1)
  • Alt Text for Images
  • Page Content
  • Title Text
  • Internal linking
  • Page load speed

Off Page SEO

The major focus of off-page SEO is to increase the domain authority by achieving links from the website. However, off-page SEO majorly focuses on the backlinks, social promotion and domain authority of a website.


The full form for the word SMO is “Social Media Optimization” and it has been listed as one of the most useful strategies for reaching mobs, branding online and achieve online or social engagements for the development of business. Approximate of 88 percent of people using internet are on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Therefore, making people aware about your business, services and products with SMO rich in content would be useful. GigSoft Pro has been offering SMO services to their clients with complete dedication and punctuality.


SMM is well-known by its other name Social Media Marketing. However, the name of this technique depicts the use of internet for marketing the services. This majorly uses social networking sites as the tool for promoting the websites. This technique has resulted in the increase of website traffic as users give direct reactions. Social media marketing promotion is majorly of two type active and passive SMM promotion.

Google AdWords PPC

PPC usually stands for pay per click and it is also a model of internet marketing. However, in this marketing advertisers need to pay fee every time one of their ads has been clicked. It could be said that it is the method to buy visits for your website rather than trying to earn organic visits. Google AdWords is the only most popular type of advertising system of PPC in this world. These ads platforms allow the business person to create their ads that would appear in Google properties such as Google search engine.