Importance of SEO in Medical Practice

SEO can help to keep the health of your business in check. Promoting your clinic or hospital is limited to opting for traditional promotions or building a website. To attain maximum benefit from the website, you need to optimise it so that it drives organic traffic. The process of getting more clicks is achieved by using SEO. 

SEO helps to drive organic traffic to your website, which later converts to clients.

We got you whether you want to increase your personal clinic’s or local hospital’s revenue. Our experts understand the workings of SEO and its role in making your healthcare entity successful.  

How does SEO help in boosting your medical business?

The following points prove why SEO can give a new life to your business:

Improves visibility

Our experts use various strategies to improve the visibility of your website. Visibility refers to how frequently your site shows to users. Our SEO experts ensure that your site is not lost at the bottom but is shown at the top of the search engine.

Drives lead to your website

Driving more leads means more profit for the business.SEO for medical practice ensures that all the potential leads land on your website. It helps drive organic traffic to your website using on-page and off-page optimisation.

It helps in building credibility

There is a general perception that the website on top is more likely to be trustworthy. On-page optimisation ensures that only relevant and reliable content is uploaded to your website.

Conversion of leads

If your website has more visibility, it will attract more audiences, creating a higher level of engagement. More engagement means a high chance that the leads engaging with your website will become potential clients.

Rising above competitors

Using correct keywords can help you to level up your business. Keywords inserted in the website’s content should be relevant to what a user usually searches for, like- medical practice near me.

Build brand reputation

If your website can reach a larger audience, it will be well-known locally. The users might leave reviews on your website, showing new leads that your brand can be trusted. We have seen numerous benefits SEO can provide to your healthcare business. But it would be best if you considered what tactics are used to get these benefits. GigSoft Pro uses various techniques to optimise your website, such as:

Types of SEO to Improve Working of Healthcare Websites

Below are some types of SEO that we implement to improve your website’s performance:

Technical SEO

It focuses on the technical aspects of the website to boost its performance. Your website may provide relevant information, but it will likely go down in ranking if it does not pass in technical workings. The technical aspect covers various areas such as Eliminating unnecessary codes, Compressing images, Implementing socket secure layer (SSL) and eliminate any duplicate content

Local SEO

This SEO helps in optimising your site in a way that increases the local traffic. The various activities covered under local SEO are creating a Google Business Profile, inserting localised keywords and building local citations. This SEO is beneficial for businesses which perform medical practice as the people who render services from this business are local.

On page SEO

It refers to optimising the content which exists within the website. The website can be optimised by using correct keywords, making the site user-friendly and providing unique content.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO includes the functions performed outside of the website to optimise. These functions are getting strong backlinks from reputable websites, using social media to promote business and communicating with leads on online forums.

White hat SEO

These SEO practices comply with the guidelines provided by search engines. This technique has low or zero risk as the search engine will not block your website. GigSoft Pro ensures that we use this technique, which involves various functions such as optimising links, creating unique content and considering user intent. There is a grey hat and black hat SEO also. The black hat uses the faults in the search engine algorithm to gain higher rankings on search engine pages. We condemn ourselves for using such malpractices. Grey hat SEO is a mix of white hat SEO and black hat SEO. It may include using clickbait content or paid reviews. They are considered grey according to SERPs, so we only use them in case of urgency.

Mobile SEO

We ensure your website is mobile-friendly as most people will search for your healthcare business on their smartphones instead of PCs. Making a website will lead to an increase in the number of leads.


To keep your healthcare business strong and healthy, contact us at GigSoft Pro. We provide the medicine of SEO to boost the performance of your business’s website.