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Do you own a restaurant but do not have enough leads? Well, our SEO agency can help you get found on SERP results and turn more customers towards your cafe or restaurant.

Make your restaurant stand out on busy search engine result pages

If you are wondering whether you can enhance your traffic visibility on search engines, then don’t worry. We are here for you. We are experts at providing the best SEO for restaurants by following various strategies that will help you rank #1 on Google and other search engines.
Additionally, our experts can conduct a website analysis of your bistro, bar, brewery, restaurant or cafe and modify it as per SEO.

Here is a list of the services that we offer in our SEO package

Gigsoft Pro offers all their clients a complete suite of SEO services to transform their rankings. Such as:

Free SEO health check

Find out how to beat your rivals by getting your free SEO health check. With thorough insights on site speed, navigation, questionable backlinks, security settings, mobile-friendly displays, and more, Gigsoft Pro takes technical SEO to a new level.

Keyword analysis

Finding the correct search phrases for your intended audience is accomplished through keyword research. We employ various SEO tools and strategies to choose the best keywords for your campaign.

On-page SEO

Our high-quality content improves Google’s understanding of your website and boosts your organic search ranks. We use various tools that can help uniquely establish your brand’s identity.

Building authority

We actively engage in publisher outreach to build backlinks from high-authority domains that will increase your website’s credibility and exposure.

Transparency in reporting

Do you want to discover how many search terms Google lists you for on page one? Utilise our real-time analytics dashboard to follow your SEO progress around the clock.

Local SEO

Results from local searches are more crucial than ever. We improve your Google Business Profile, create citations, and assist you in obtaining as many favourable Google reviews as possible to increase exposure in your neighbourhood. This makes it simple for us to offer local SEO for restaurants.
No matter where you’re in Australia, we can help you rank on Google’s first page for almost any search keyword and gain more visibility on Google Maps.

Why your restaurants needs SEO?

The long-term success of a restaurant in the digital age depends on its capacity to become visible online. Far too many restaurants, tiny ones, think it’s unnecessary to have an internet presence to grow their business.
Modern society does not understand how consumers choose their next meal, resulting in this misperception. Restaurant SEO is a crucial component of any restaurant marketing strategy.

Local restaurant and cafe SEO is now more valuable than ever for businesses of all sizes because of the advent of mobile search, the most popular online research type.

Since almost all searches start on a mobile device, it’s crucial to understand the top rankings’ significance and fight for placement there. It is frequently essential to a restaurant’s survival.

So, no matter their size, restaurants need SEO to remain competitive. You require an SEO plan that:

Now, experience the peace of mind of working with an agency that offers professional SEO services and knows everything that must be done to boost traffic and generate conversions.

Why Pick Gigsoft Pro for your needs in restaurants SEO ?

At Gigsoft Pro, we oppose the conventional agency work model in which one analyst manages an excessive number of accounts. Instead, we are concentrating on increasing the effectiveness of our efforts. We base our basic principles on quality as a result. We operate according to the data.

Free website evaluation

  •  Worried about why your website doesn’t appear on the first page of search results? You want to optimise your website, right? We provide a no-cost website audit. Our restaurant SEO specialists examine your website in this audit to find problems causing poor rankings. For instance, your website might not have a sitemap or robot.txt file, the navigation might not be well organised, etc. We first present the issue to you before offering the solution.

Competitive research

We get your desire to maintain your position as the best in the business. We review both your website and the websites of your rivals. Our team determines the keywords they are aiming for. After carefully examining their restaurant SEO strategy, we develop a plan that makes you the most significant player in your targeted markets.

Advanced leadership

We offer specialised terms for website design and development, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and restaurant content marketing. The teams include seasoned experts as well as young talent. Our teams succeed at their work under the direction of skilled leaders.


We are a diverse organisation specialising in online marketing and restaurant promotion. We have a team of specialists in branding, advertising, website design and development, research and strategic planning. Each team takes advantage of the most recent technologies to offer innovative solutions. Additionally, these solutions help us maintain our timeline and budget.

Successful strategy

We go beyond making promises because deeds speak louder than words. After conducting a free SEO website audit, our restaurant SEO service conducts initial research. Our restaurant marketing agency provides a strategy to guide you to online success. Considering your requirements, customer journey maps, sales funnels, and other factors, a plan has been established.

Still in doubt? Request for free consultation with our experts today. Call us to know more.