Now, use the power of SEO to grow your local or small business and get more sales.
If you also want to dominate your industry and reach your target market quickly, then it’s time you start leveraging the benefit of SEO services.
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a combination of efforts that creates and elevates your business’s online presence and helps you get more traffic to your website.
As a local business, we understand that you need more time to put effort into any marketing strategy, or your budget doesn’t allow you. However, being the pioneer in Gigsoft Pro can help you make the best of your brand and ensure that your business gets enough boost when users search for “small businesses near me”.

Why choose Gigsoft Pro as your SEO company?

Are you tired of promoting your business and still getting no results?
Local SEO, along with the partnership of Gigsoft Pro, can help you with this.
Investing in the top local SEO services could make the difference between a successful company and a failed enterprise in today’s cutthroat digital environment. You will never succeed if you run a local or small business and aren’t employing SEO services.

As a small business SEO company, here is what we can provide you with:

Local SEO Audit

Our local SEO company conducts an in-depth local SEO audit to ascertain your existing local SEO rating, gather helpful information, and create your local SEO checklist. We evaluate your Google My Business listing and your NAP visibility, location, and service regions. Our local SEO professionals additionally do a Google My Business page audit, review analysis, landing page audit, regional citations analysis, competitor benchmarking, and organic link and penalty analysis to round out your regional SEO approach.

Content writing and marketing

Your webpage will only come at the top if it has the proper keywords that determine what you are selling. Hence, we optimise your web pages with the help of our expert content writers, who make the optimum use of keywords and organise them to drive more traffic to your website.

Link building

Your website’s search engine ranking will improve as more websites link to it. A link to your website can be obtained by asking the owners of connected websites. In exchange for them carrying a link to your site, you can offer to do the same for theirs. Our SEO company develops hyperlocal SEO landing pages, establishes your local SEO citations, uses highly relevant keywords, and starts email outreach efforts. To bring in connections that are most beneficial to your company, we adhere to GMB SEO and local link-building best practices.

Optimisation of home pages

The optimisation of the home page includes implementing specific coding techniques to improve its overall performance, as well as applying necessary optimisations to subpages such as title, meta-tags, alt-tags and keyword usage. Our local SEO company also applies local business schema to your website to help search engines understand what your brand offers and where your target market is.

eCommerce SEO

According to studies, almost 50% of shoppers look for products on their mobile devices before purchasing. We provide SEO for small businesses to connect your business with contemporary consumers in your neighbourhood. Our local digital marketing company promotes your local business citations, optimises your company profile across Google My Business locations, utilises geo-targeted content and keywords, and handles your online reviews.

We help you reach your desired goals and drive more traffic to your website

We’ve worked with thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in various industries, including local and professional services, trades, eCommerce stores, startups, legal firms, and many others.

Why choose Gigsoft Pro as your small business’ SEO company?

It’s essential to pick an SEO company in Australia with a successful track record of success working with businesses like yours. They can offer SEO strategies to boost rankings for your business-related keywords because they understand your sector.

Multi-channel knowledge

A multichannel sales funnel is crucial for determining how well your website generates sales, as was previously noted. This procedure will be optimised if you know what each channel excels at and how it might influence individuals to buy.

ROI-driven agency

While SEO companies are renowned for delivering fast results, they often forget to discuss the long-term advantages. To ensure your company’s success well into the future, we strive to offer SEO services in Australia that are built for the long haul.

Certified experts

As an SEO company, we’ll work on your SEO strategy as per the hours mentioned in the contract. This ensures you get results more quickly and save time on your website. Additionally, it implies that you can concentrate on your business while we handle the digital marketing.

Google Analytics reports

Our local digital marketing business uses Google Analytics to monitor your local SEO performance, spot visibility problems, and offer data-driven local SEO advice to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Your website traffic, click-through rates, bounce rates, page views and average session length are among the local organic search data that we track and measure. Once all metrics have been followed, our local SEO expert organises the Google Analytics findings to provide you with a clear picture of how your campaign is performing.

Your reliable partner

To know how faithful an SEO company is, you must request them to present instances where they have effectively generated augmented website traffic and sales for other companies operating in the same field as yours. Rest assured, we are a trustworthy agency that can provide evidence of our capabilities.

Want to speak to one of our SEO experts to grow your small-scale business? Give us a call today!