SEO as guide for your travel agency

Don’t limit your travel business by driving it to traditional marketing ways when you can just take a ticket to the destination of new opportunities
You should add the virtual world as your new dream destination to take your business to a new location of success. This is where the internet comes into play.
A digital space can help you to interact with potential customers and increase your sales. SEO comes in handy to create a website that can help you to achieve your targets. At GigSoft Pro we help you to boost your brand and take it to the next level.
Let’s go on a journey where we will tell you more about travel SEO and how it is going to benefit your agency:

Why is SEO the best investment for your travel business?

SEO works for all types of businesses regardless of their type. People look for convenience in everything, and the internet allows them to search for anything they want on the web. This also includes rendering travel services online.
If you want your customers to reserve flights without any hassle easily, then you can create an option to make reservations online.
Providing excellent customer experience does not end with just creating a website. We ensure that your website is optimum and includes all the crucial information.

Let us understand how SEO travel helps to drive new leads to your website :

How does SEO work in your Business favour ?

Providing excellent customer experience does not end with just creating a website. We ensure that your website is optimum and includes all the crucial information.

Driving organic traffic to your website

Millions of people use search engines daily to acquire certain information. Amongst them, several people are searching for their next vacation. Our experts at GigSoft Pro divert the traffic to your website by using the right keywords at the right place.

Increased visibility

Your website will perform better only if it stands out amongst other travel-related websites. SEO for travel agency helps your website to rank on top to get more clicks and increase interaction with your travel business, resulting in increased bookings.

Using the E-E-A-T formula

Google introduced quality rater guidelines where E-E-A-T, i.e. experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, are key factors that determine your site rating.

Here are some pointers that help to maintain your website within these guidelines:

  1. 1. Making unique content
  1. 2. Understanding technical SEO
  1. 3. Researching and analysing topic
  1. 4. Providing accurate information
  1. 5. Credibility of site

Why should you put your trust in GigSoft Pro ?

Superb keywords for superb performance

We engross ourselves in finding the keyword that fits your website best. Our keen vision is always observing the search algorithms of web users. After carefully analysing, we insert the right keyword at the right place to attract the right audience. Our travel SEO services assure you that we use the most popular keywords to rank your website at top of search engines.

Giving edge over competitors

The travel industry is packed with many agencies having cutthroat competition. Making your brand shine in this rivalry can be a bit tough. Our creative team members can greatly impact your brand’s reputation by curating engaging content. Our content has it all – uniqueness, interesting and appealing. The content provided on your website would give the audience clear information on their travel queries in a simplified way.

Backlinks as a strong backbone of your website

We have the goal to make your website the main spotlight for enthusiastic travellers. By carefully selecting the perfect websites, our agenda is to give good exposure to the business. A business gets more interaction if strong backlinks are created. A user can easily jump from another website to yours as we focus on quality backlinks and inserting them on relevant websites.

Our checklist for your travel business

We conduct an in-depth audit and make sure that your website performs optimally. We pay attention to fine details, which helps us to monitor and make alterations to the website. We check the following factors for the smooth functioning of the website :

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