Enhance Your Shopify Store Performance with Shopify SEO Services

If you want to drive maximum users to your website, then SEO is the tool you need. Search engine optimisation can help you improve your website by getting organic leads. You must be wondering what organic leads are and their importance in improving a website’s engagement.
Organic leads are those users who discover your website through search engines. They are high-quality leads with a greater chance of converting into customers. Apart from organic leads, there are paid leads. The paid leads drive your website by paying for various services, such as search engine and social media advertising.
Organic leads are better than paid leads because they are more cost-effective as you don’t need to pay to drive traffic to your website. Second, the users who come across your website show genuine interest in the website. After reading about organic leads, you must wonder how you drive organic traffic to your website.
If you lack adequate knowledge on using SEO to drive organic leads, leave the work to GigSoft Pro. Our team of experts helps boost your website’s performance by using the following techniques:

How Does SEO Services Increase Organic Lead Generation?

SEO helps in optimising the website’s performance. Enhanced website performance is directly linked to driving more organic traffic. But how? Let us see:
The points mentioned above showcase the requirement of SEO to drive organic traffic. There are many SEO functions performed that aid in making the website ideal for users.

Let us see in detail how our shopify seo services agency implements various SEO functions to increase organic user visits:

SEO Functions That Help in Driving Organic Traffic to Your Shopify Store Website

Here are some actions we take to make your website reach a higher position on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing:
1. Keyword research: Keyword research is crucial for driving users to your website. The keywords that target the type of audience you want to drive to your website should be used. Suitable keywords are the ones that are relevant and are picked by analysing the searcher’s intent.
2. Ideal content: Posting suitable content plays a major role in driving organic leads. The posted content should provide valuable information to the users instead of looking like a sales pitch. Engaging content is created by inserting the relevant keywords in title tags and the blog. For instance, perfect content for your Shopify store content would include keywords related to online business and e-commerce stores. Apart from this, the content should be regularly updated to get maximum organic leads.
3. Earning backlinks: Backlinks allow users to jump from one website to another. They are different from internal links because rather than guiding users to other web pages of the same website, external links drive the users to another site. Earning backlinks from another website helps search engines be assured that your website is ethical. Second, it improves user engagement. By clicking on the backlink, they jump to another website, providing additional information. The seo for the shopify store ensures that your website gets backlinks from a reputable website.
4. Conducting site audit: The website’s audit is done in many areas of the webpage. Here are some places where seo experts perform site audits:
  • Detecting and removing duplicate content
  • Ensuring the content is not overstuffed with keywords
  • Fixing any broken links
  • Removing any defective links and replacing them with new links
5. Mobile optimisation: Most web users browsing to gain information mostly search using their mobile. A website that cannot load on a mobile screen will surely decrease the number of users visiting the website. SEO for the Shopify store aims to increase the number of visitors to the website by following these tricks to make the website mobile-friendly:
  • Compressing images to make them visible on mobile screen
  • Improving the loading speed of the website
  • Adjust the size of buttons and icons according to the mobile screen
  • Avoiding any use of pop-ups
  • Keeping ample space between links
  • Opting for a simple UI/UX design


Shopify SEO services allow significant profits from your website. As an online business, Shopify requires search optimisation for supreme user experience. So, if you want to increase the number of potential customers, ensure you get the best SEO services from GigSoft Pro.